Over Easy

For the last 7+ months I've been cultivating a serious addiction to eggs. I want to put them on everything, salads, potatoes, rice, tomatoes, curry and tonight- cabbage. I sauteed up some cabbage, turkey bacon and then topped the whole lot with a lovely fried egg. Then devoured the whole damn thing. It was delicious and easy.

I think the best eggs come from one particular booth at the farmers market but they rarely come in the winter months so I must be content with eggs from other vendors. Which I should note are still delicious but not the orange yolk colored, rich ones from Crowing Rooster farm. Oh, I dream of those eggs.

Sunday mornings are my favorite time, I cook up some hash browns, fry up a couple of eggs and then douse it all in Tabasco. Then I die and go to heaven. Really. It's probably my favorite meal of the whole week, which is why it's spilling over into my week night routine.

Last week I had little interest in dinner one night so I took an avocado, diced it and topped it with a fried egg and hot sauce. Really, I think I could put an egg on just about any savory food and be happy. I highly recommend curry with an egg on top, I believe it was a potato and chickpea curry.

There, I've now nattered on about eggs for probably entire too long and you are probably wondering if I've got sky high cholesterol (I don't) or some weird egg-centric obsession (likely).


All over the place.

Last night I wrote this whole post that was basically me whining about having a cold and how shitty it is. But that is mind numbingly boring and crappy so I didn't post it. Yet, here I am writing about it- what can I say I'm a fickle girl on occasion.

I keep forgetting that I need fix my damn banner, I updated my website and thus it completely wiped it out. No cupcake at the top is making me a bit sad.

At about 10pm the night before thanksgiving my sister's dog ate 2.5 months worth of my medicine and my brother-in-law had to rush Jackson to the vet to have his stomach emptied and be doped up. He came home looking totally stoned, small, tiny, white dog is hilarious. I'm glad he's ok because otherwise it would be "Happy Thanksgiving, I killed your dog. On accident." and then my sister's kids would have cried all day and I'd no longer be the best auntie.

I carved the Thanksgiving turkey this year, this makes me very proud. I carved the hell out of it.

Do you have whiplash yet? This is a quickfire version of the Saucy Trollop.

I've got a week and half left until I turn 30.

I could have just copied and pasted the last thing I wrote which was my long rambly bit about the cooking club I just hosted. But that feels like cheating since it's somewhere else.

I need to pick up another bottle of bourbon. So far I've had Knob Creek, Wood Bridge, Makers Mark, Jim Beam, and perhaps one other kind. I sort of want to buy the fancy dancy bottle of Blanton's, which I've had once and remember it being fantastic. Any suggestions?