T-minus 30 days till 30

Yes, in 30 days I'll be 30. I'm not freaking out, really- it's good. Mostly surreal, I feel like at any moment I'll wake up in be back laying in my dorm room and my freshman roommate will be across the way. We'll be watching a rerun of MTV's TRL, you know back when it was cool, then we'll saunter over to Nelson common and have some lunch.

But the reality is those days are far behind me, I'm a real live adult. I've felt an elemental shift in the way I do things, no longer am I going to wait around. If the first 30 years have gone by in the blink of eye I can't imagine time will slow to a crawl for the next 30.


I'm feeling the need to hit the gym, RIGHT NOW. I want to work out some crazy mental thoughts rattling around in my brain and some general anger. But of course it's late and my gym closes at 5pm on Sundays, which is a shame considering the onset of my black mood didn't hit until about 7:30pm.

I'm wishing away my sleep so that it will sooner be 5:30am and I can get to a cardio machine. Slightly pathetic but I'm hoping I'll feel better after wards.