For the last three weeks there has been serious itching of my thighs. I'm sure it looks really sexy and announces to everyone "look at me- I possibly have a sexually transmitted disease and I'm sexy".

In all actuality what started off as a bitchin' reaction to some flea bites then turned into an awful case of hives. Hives that are still covering 90% of my thighs and cause me to really consider amputation as a viable option.

I've not slept well in weeks, and this weekend while my family was visiting I cried- twice. Not from sheer joy but pure unadulterated exhaustion. And feeling like a shitty hostess because I was crying. It is a cycle people.

I'm praying that this malady clears up soon. I've been to the doctor 3 times in the last month for this itchy bullshit and frankly I was over it the first day. I've spent over $100 trying to clear it up and countless hours have been lost to scratching.

And to top it all off, I've been without my camera for almost a month now. My new pretty baby that is only 3 months old broke on me, luckily it was under warranty. Unlucky for me, the jackasses at the camera repair place sent it back to me without repairing it. They were very nice when I called to complain, but seriously- why would you send me back a camera that doesn't take properly exposed photos. Do you think I'm not going to notice?

And please, for the love of god, don't try to blame this on user error (which Sony implied when I was on the phone with them.) I do this for a living. I know how to operate a camera and do so every.fucking.day.

I just want to take some photos damnit.



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