I ramble

The last week or so I've been feeling extraordinarily pepped up. It could be the lines of cocaine I've been doing or just a general change in diet combined with the way the stars are aligning. I don't know, but I like it.

I don't want it go away, whatever it is.

Although yesterday was a bit of a lazy day, lots of sitting my ass on the couch. The weather here has been cold and rainy for- like-ever. Well at least this is day 6 of it and they say it isn't going to be abated for at least 5 more. Whatever, weathermen know crap. At least my weathermen know nothing, yet I'm entranced by a good Doppler radar map. I could watch it for hours.

I'm real weird.

And as if that confession wasn't enough to change your opinion on my quintessential dorkdom this certainly will. I love music. What? I know that seems like an uber-stupid statement to make considering I would for a company involved in the music industry but lately I've been grooving on some music that really hits home and makes me want to perform embarrassing rocking/hand gestures/head bobbing while sitting at my desk in full view of my coworkers.

Not really a big deal though, because last week we could hear the screeching of a guitar so loudly from one coworker's headphones that my friend and I got up and did air guitar solos in front of his desk. Later that afternoon I caught my friend, near violently, bobbing her head to some White Stripes song. I laughed at her.

Least you think I can control myself I have been caught several times doing the exact same thing, even mouthing the word to whatever I was listening too (which, um, happened to be Air Supply).

I love my office.

And music.

And Doppler radar.



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