Cry Baby

Thats right, I've been crying off and on for the last 24 hours. Great big sobs that wrack my chest and make my head feel like it is going to explode. Even sitting here is making me want bust down into tears.


Oh, because I've watched the last 3 episodes of Six Feet Under.

Yes, I'm a big fat cry baby because of a TV show. I know it is lame and totally uncool but whatever. That show speaks to me, it shows the unprettiness that can exists in a family and how fucked up people are. Jesus, it is nice to know that people out there have fucked up thoughts/feelings/actions and that my stupid missteps are not something that define me as freak.

And, yes, I know that I'm speaking as if the people on the show are real. The season finale really got to me. I've watched the closing sequence twice and both times I've ended up a blathering mess. It wrapped things up for me in a way that I found completely satisfying, yet inexplicably sad.

Whatever. I'm done talking about it because I don't want to cry anymore. At least not today.

This weekend I did manage to make 2 of the 3 things that I wanted to make from Marianne's blog. Saturday night was the pan seared scallops and lemon risotto. The risotto was SUBLIME.

In addition I had a bottle of champaign and yes, I used a straw for a couple glasses. (I have a serious affinity for straws and bubbly drinks.)

And then Sunday was the gastronomic feast of filet, artichokes and potatoes with béarnaise sauce.

Sorry this post is such a damn downer. No more Six Feet Under for me, it kills the funny.

PS. I just fucking cried at a Cheerios commerical. Pppfftthhh!



  • At April 10, 2006 11:03 PM, Blogger Marianne said…

    Oh no! Being completely without cable and lacking the wherewithall to rent DVD's, I've never seen the show. It's just as well, I'm a wreck after watching the drivel that is Grey's Anatomy, so I'm probably not ready for the hard stuff.

    Speaking of hard stuff, your dinners look divine, my dear! Tell me you loved the bearnaise sauce as much as I did--I think I could happily roll around in the stuff.

  • At April 11, 2006 8:32 AM, Blogger Skeezix said…

    Dude, Grey's Anatomy makes me cry buckets too. I just saw the episode with the people who were impaled on the pole and the same thing happened.

    I could totally roll around in that stuff. It was divine. Although some little wanker "borrowed" my blender and I had to make it in a food processor, I think it could have been better if it could have been blended better.


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