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The internet has such a plethora of things to read I often find myself completely engrossed in a topic that has little to no relevance in my life. Like adoption blogs. I'm completely obsessed with them, I've always wanted to adopt but clearly I'm at a point in my life where I'm so not ready for children. Yet, my heart rises and falls on super witty women (and the occasional man) who tell me about their travails through the system. Mary-Mia is my favorite (yes, I'm a cruel lady and play favorites), as she and I share the same fondness for mexican food and chocolate. Plus her candid writing style draws you in and makes you feel like you know her personally (even though I'm completely intimidated by the shear number of people who comment on a regular basis for her website).

At least with food blogs my hunger gets revved up and I can go home and make a delicious treat. Marianne's fantastical (yes, it is a word damn-it) photos and lush writing style have cause me many a trip to the store for some sort of ingredient that I need to recreate one of her dishes. Or at the very least she inspires me to pull out on of my cookbooks and try that recipe I keep saying I have to taste. This weekend for my sunday night dinner (I try to make Sunday night meals a bit more lavish than most nights because that is the way my parents did it and I'm nothing if not a lemming) Marianne's most recent recipe: Steaks and Artichokes with BĂ©arnaise Sauce. And if I get really saucy this weekend I might give her brioche recipe a shot. In the same vein I've been dying to try her pan seared scallops with wilted spinach and lemon risotto but I'm waiting for scallops to go on sale. For some bloody reason I'm having issues with paying the outlandish prices that Kroger is willing to charge me for the luxury of seafood in this landlocked Appalachian town.

And because her name is becoming ubiquitous with blogging, Dooce . Who knew a former Mormon that discovered the fun of tequila and other illicit substances could be downright hilarious (although I'm sure that she in no way needs tequila to make herself funny).

The Saucy Trollop will be undergoing some cosmetic changes as I fiddle with things because I'm never content to leave well enough alone. Many thanks to Marianne for coming up with the name when I was under that mental roadblock. Also too, I've got a creative fire lit under my ass lately. Which would be fine but I also have oatmeal on my ass. And I mean literally oatmeal on my ass, well, on the ass of my pants. Way to sit in your morning breakfast genius.



  • At April 07, 2006 2:28 PM, Blogger Marianne said…

    But you are SUCH a Saucy Trollop, it was so easy.

    Thanks for the kind words, dear, and I look forward to reading your trollopy (also a word) musings.

  • At April 08, 2006 12:20 AM, Blogger M3 (Mary-Mia) said…

    Hm, I don't think you're cruel, I think you have excellent taste. *grin*

    Your post showed up in my Google alerts and I had to come check it out. Thanks for the compliments - you are too kind! And hey, leave a comment some time or a recommendation for chocolate or something - they always make me smile.

    Have a great weekend,


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