Sleep deprived and running on fumes

I'm currently battling the most itchy bug bites ever. I've used up countless numbers of tubes of benedryl, aveeno and prescription steroid cream and I probably have crushed an entire icebergs worth of ice to put in my ice packs.

I'm more than a bit sleep deprived because the itching gets worse at night. Especially towards the early morning hours when benedryl seems to fail me.

Like any good internet addicted person I've been searching for a cure to my bites. I think the most creative and somehow disturbing one was someone who recommended that one should scrub their bites with a pumice stone and then slather on the vicks-vaporub. Holy hell.

A small twisted part of me thinks the pumice stone would be oddly satisfying to scrub over those infernal bites but yet I know that is the crazy road to infection. And really, do I need to be the girl who had her legs amputated because she had some really itchy bug bites?

And since this post is mostly whining and complaining, I'm going to link to Mary-Mia's site which has a fantastic home movie of her and her parents playing with mentos and diet coke (which if you don't know cause crazy sort of eruptions). Plus she edited it up all cool like with music and subtitles:
Mary-Mia and family doing it up Mr. Wizard style



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