Summer and babies

I became a new Auntie the other day, well, for the 4th time. My sister had a little tiny baby who is all adorableness and sweetness. I'll be making the trip sometime soon to go visit her (she lives in another state), as soon as I get our most recent catalog to bed.

There are only 2 more weeks till the students vacate this town and frankly I can't wait. Summers here are so lovely, a respite from the insanity of the school year. No more loudness over my head at 2-am from drunken students, rather the calm quiet that descends on this town. In the summers I sit on my porch in the evening twilight and drink an adult beverage (last summer it was spicy bloody marys with blue cheese stuffed or garlic stuffed olives). Don't you just love my poeticness about summer, I'm like freaking Mark Twain in that regard (and I just totally made up the word poeticness- so deal with it).

With summer nearly upon me, I'm trying to plan some trips around the country. I'm hoping to visit my college roommate in New York (my home away from home). Maybe I'll try to wait till the fall to go, but regardless of when I go I'm going to be getting Corner Bistro several times. I'm also planning on zipping down to see the lovely Unemployed Cook soon, although I need to check with her schedule and see when she can fit me in. Also I will need to fast for a week before hand in order to stuff myself with the most glorious food ever.



  • At May 24, 2006 11:39 PM, Blogger Marianne said…

    Eeee! We will work it out somehow. How can someone who is technically unemployed be so busy? It's ridiculous.


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