Momma's little baby loves shortin' bread

For some reason I've always associated the above lyric with cornbread not shortin' bread. I do realize there is a major difference but I still do it.

Yesterday I had an intense craving for cornbread and

So I had two pieces of cornbread for dinner, way healthy. But then again, I consider that a perk of being an adult.

I can remember being a little girl and my mom would make this dessert called Zebra cake. It was made with these chocolate cookie wafers and whipped cream. I have a VERY clear memory of sitting on the counter in our house in Ft. Worth and asking my mom if I could have some of the chocolate cookie wafers. She told me no.

I remember thinking that when I was an adult I was going to buy those wafers and sit down and eat the WHOLE BOX.

Now that I have grown into some bit of maturity and I pay my bills, buy the groceries and work for a living I see why she told me no. It wasn't that she was a mean, evil witchy momma who wanted to deny me things rather those chocolate cookie wafers are fucking expensive. Hell, I wouldn't let my kid eat them either (um, you know the fictional kid that I have and pull out when I want to prove a point about my own childhood.)

That doesn't mean that as a childish act of an adult that I didn't buy those chocolate cookie wafers this winter and eat them. I didn't, as in my childhood longing, eat them in one sitting rather I ate them leisurely and relished the fact that I am adult now and childhood dream had come true.



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