The weekend, it was nice.

This last Friday Yumi and I decided to go out to happy hour. And something unusual happened, we actually went home after 2 drinks like responsible adults!

What? Shocking? Am I turning into a boring oldie?

Probably not, considering it was just two weeks ago I was stealing friend's beers and then chugging them when they didn't drink them fast enough. Of course then in my drunken state repeatedly (probably yelling) into my phone that we were out celebrating my friend's divorce. Which really wasn't the case, we were out to give moral support- not celebrating. But at 8 beers that line becomes very much blurred and everything seems like it is more fun. Even divorce.

Granted I wasn't the one getting divorced so I guess that statement could be considered completely bogus and unprovable.

Saturday night I finished a knitted gift for my friend's birthday, well- I need to add the buttons to it and it's done. Hurrah. I also made Orangette's brown butter cookies. Which of course she admonishes bakers to let sit for 2 days to allow the flavors develop. But clearly I couldn't wait, because I lack all self control, and busted into a couple of them post-baking. They are delicious. Make them.

But I did manage to put the rest of them away and am going to use all -2% of the willpower I possess not to eat them until Tuesday.

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