So boring

What have I been doing lately? It really seems to be a whole lot of nothing. I feel trapped in that wintery craptastic mood where I just don't feel like leaving the house, yet desperately want to get the fuck out of town. I've also been mysteriously exhausted without any real explanation and it is seriously pissing me off. As a side effect I've not gone to the gym in what feels like forever and thusly feel like my pants are too tight.

Which is sort of a problem because I only own like 4 pairs of pants that acceptable for public viewing. And mysteriously one pair has gone missing and one of my favorite pairs has developed a hole. A hole that renders them unwearable. Bugger.

This morning in an effort to stop the slow progression outward of my belly I went to spinning. And I do feel better, and now am slightly tempted to go to another spinning class after work. Because not fitting into my pants isn't an option, people. Pantless Suzanne is not a good thing.

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