Ok, really where has Apricot jam been all my life? How did I get to be 28 and never had such deliciousness? It's like heaven on toast, ok, who am I kidding. It's like heaven on a spoon. Because if I'm going to indulge in jam sometimes the bread is wholly unnecessary. And thus I've saved calories by not eating the bread, calories that can be use to eat more apricot jam. Foolproof logic in my opinion.

I'm sure the shitty store brand version of apricot jam isn't anything like the real tried and true version that I could probably make but since it's January and apricots are completely done for the season I guess I'll just have to wait till mid-summer to find out.

It's the new year so now we are all being bombarded with tons of advertising tell us to stop being fat asses. Most of the commercials incite me into some sort of homicidal rage but I have to say that the Kellogg's Smart Start Cereal one made me fall in love. It features women exercising for their HEART! Not to make someone love them or fit into that size 8 but because it's what you do to be healthy.

It's like a choir of angel's opened up and started singing to me. Thank you Kellogg for realizing that working out for your heart's sake and not the sake of your ass is the right way to approach a lifestyle change. If you go to their website the whole page is dedicated to healthy heart living! Heart disease is the #1 killer of women (far outpacing breast cancer) and I'm so glad to see that a company is promoting something that is so important and isn't focusing on our waistlines and telling us our self-worth is wrapped up in our pant size (like every other diet commercial out there).

And yes, I realize the awesome dichotomy of posting about eating jam straight from the jar in the same breath writing about heart health.

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