No thank you.

I honestly never want to see another cookie ever again.

I took a day off work last week to make cookies and had a blast. It was so nice to be home in the middle of the week surrounded by the smells of cookies and holiday joy. By by the 3rd day of baking I'd decided that the smell of cookies is entirely overwhelming and awful. I cannot wait to get them out of my house, they will be delivered to their recipients tomorrow and then I will be free of the cookies for now. Although I do still owe my brother in law a batch for his birthday. But I think that for at least a couple of weeks there will be a cookie moratorium.

Of course I spoke with my grandmother on the phone on Sunday and she wanted to make me cookies. I begged her not too simply because I just couldn't possibly want to eat any after having been around so many.

Yesterday was a particularly hard day for me, I had such a perfect weekend that the crushing disappointment of a Monday was just too much to bear. But still I forced myself to go to spinning and eat a little bit of dinner (a lone baked potato with yogurt and hot sauce) before falling into bed at 9pm. I honestly could have gone to bed at 8 but was trying to refrain from acting entirely too geriatric.

Tonight will probably not be much better, I plan on doing the massive piles of laundry that have stacked up around my house and cleaning the disaster that is my kitchen (from all the cookie making). All this in preparation for leaving for the Cleveland for the Christmas holiday. I just don't want to arrive home after Christmas to a disaster and then feel I must clean and put away presents.

Lets not talk about the hat I'm supposed to have finished for my brother's fiance to match the scarf I made her.

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