Internet Stalking

We all do it, lets not pretend we don't. The googling of exes, lovers, family members, friends, former friends, and coworkers.

Well, maybe not the coworkers. And mostly just the exes, lovers and former friends. First I must take a moment to walk outside and kick my own ass for using the term "lovers". Ugh, god, it's like some mutant person and come and possessed my body.

I seriously fail at searching for boyfriends, former boyfriends or men I just have a crush on. I have a small problem of being interested in men with completely common names. Thus the search terms for them explode with guys from Poughkeepsie who were closest to the pin winners at this year's "Poughkeepsie Cares: It's for the children" golf tournament.

Even when I add terms to try to narrow out those who clearly I've not dated it does me no good. And until the day I can search google with a term like "Stephen Brown, former boyfriend of Skeezix" I'm bound to come up empty handed. Although if that search term worked then clearly I've got some problems on my hands potentially with either a stalker or some sort of international database that is keeping track of my love interests. Either of which is freaking scary.

Another option would just to be date guys with less generic names. But that would be too easy.

I'm much more successful googling former friends.



  • At November 07, 2007 2:21 PM, Blogger Shannon Erin said…

    When I was doing the internet dating thing, as soon as I found out a potential date's last name, I google stalked him. I was pretty successful. It just took lots of trial & error. And just a wee bit of determination.

    Google stalking my former bodhran teacher ended up changing my life. I found an article he wrote that inspired me to travel solo. I'll get around to writing about it one of these days.

    So, I guess my point is...yea for internet stalking!

  • At November 07, 2007 2:55 PM, Blogger Amblus said…

    It is a really, really good thing I didn't have the Internets when I was in college because back then I did my stalking the old fashioned way - I followed the object of my desire around campus or tried to look him up (by first name!) in the student directory. Good times.

  • At November 08, 2007 5:06 AM, Blogger Alan the Great said…

    Try using someone's email address; it's much more successful. Also, try searching for your own email address on google; you'd be surprised how much is actually out there.

  • At November 08, 2007 8:14 AM, Blogger Skeezix said…

    Really? I've tried that before and come up empty handed. Even my own email address returns nothing.


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