Martini Sunday

I've decided to institute a new policy at Chez Skeezix, Martini Sunday. Every Sunday afternoon I will whip a martini to drink. Down it will go, thus soothing the pain that comes from knowing I have to go to work tomorrow.

At least that is the theory.

I love a good dirty martini but mine never seem to come out as delicious as the ones I get at bars, why is that? It's like they sprinkle some magical fairy dust over the drinks before they arrive at the table or the alternate theory is that I'm just a terrible bartender.

I came up with the lovely idea of Martini Sunday after having to go into work yesterday. Yes, a Sunday workday. Which absolutely blew. I hate working on the weekends for the man, the only acceptable weekend working I can do is for freelance. Freelance money is nice. Come to me freelance. I love you.

On Friday night some my friends met out for happy hour, some played pool and other (ahem, me) just sat at the table drinking beer and after beer. Yumi and I decided to head down for a hot dog, delicious little hot dog sent from heaven. And since I wasn't ready to call it a night we went next door to play some darts. Not only did I win twice but I beat Yumi, which since she is a pretty kick ass dart player made my night.

Not making my night was the guy who hit on me at the bar, within the first few minutes he says- in response to my question of what he does for a living- "I work in construction, contracting for the government. Basically I rape the government."

Uh, wow.

Then he proceeds to tell me he hates Al Gore (after I say I love him) and doesn't believe in global warming. At that point I tell him I can't talk to him anymore. He's said entirely too many things I just can't abide and he goes back to his friends at the bar.

It may seem that I'm blunt and brutal but I've gotten to the point that I'm not wasting any more time feigning interest in people who I clearly am not going to get along with. Ever. Plus I'm nailing down more and more what I'm looking for and someone who doesn't believe in global warming and "rapes the government" is not it.

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  • At November 06, 2007 8:57 AM, Blogger Amblus said…

    Wow, dude needs some lessons on how to woo the ladies, huh. And, while I admire your Martini Sunday in theory, I, alas, had a Martini Incident in my past that has made it impossible for me to ever drink one again.


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