October burning

Much of the last week+ has been spent thusly: me sitting on the couch knitting while yelling obscenities at the TV.

The most exciting thing I did was take a great fall drive this last weekend in Bernard. It was unseasonably warm and lovely with all the leaves just turning in to flame colored reds and golds. This one photo does the best to capture the feeling of one part of the drive- it was like going through pure gold:

The Ohio River:

And this beautiful vista, I felt like I could almost see clear across the state:

Halfway through the trip my sunglasses broke but it was unbearably hard to drive without them so I ended up looking a wanker on the way back home:

And yet, even though it's the end of October, I got a sunburn. Damn it. This was entirely my fault because I assumed that the weak sun wouldn't burn me, so on Sunday afternoon when I got home poured myself a glass of wine and took a shower. Then I promptly passed out into an hour long nap. I struggled to wake up, but knew I had to if I had any hope of getting back to sleep later in the evening. Plus the game was going to be starting and I needed to see that.

So I was up until the very end, cursing and knitting. Shaking my fist at tv and feeling bummed because I knew where it was heading. I don't know if I'll be watching the World Series, I may but then again I've been neglecting so many things because I've been totally wrapped up the series between Cleveland and Boston. Things like my laundry, which has reached a critical level and I'm about to run out of fresh undergarments. Also, I put my bed linen to soak on Sunday afternoon and then completely forgot about it. Not awesome. I must start tonight if I hope to get things done before I leave for the weekend on Friday.

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