Denizens of Hell

I'm slowly getting back on my feet after that rough week, but I still feel very unwitty not 100% like myself yet. I'd thought to hold off writing until I reach optimal-skeezixness but I have a tendency to be an impatient bitch so here I am- writing.

Friday night was blissfully quiet, I sat on the patio and read a book for several hours. The only downside being that I am apparently a tasty buffet for little bugs and am now covered in bites. Very itchy bites. Saturday was one of our birthday shopping excursions this time for Kate. It was an interesting start to the trip when we came across an SUV on fire on the freeway. Like full flames shooting towards the sky, car totally engulfed. Besides being a tiny bit frightening it was more than a bit mesmerizing.

Shopping with the ladies is always a challenge because I go into it with the best resolve not to buy anything and yet still always walk away with something. This time it was these perfect little shoes.

Saturday night was Kate's Dance Party Birthday event, and of course I somehow managed to end up completely drunk. I honestly don't know how it happened, I was totally fine, totally fine and the minute I got home the room started spinning and felt awful. But prior to that I had a fantastic time, I danced my ass off (in my new shoes and was rewarded with a blister and very hurty feet). It was a model theme so there were all sorts of weird outfits, I saw a sailor, a preppy j.crew style model, Vana wearing Kroger paper bags taped to her feet as shoes, and a man in Mexican wrestling mask.

The party was held at a friend's girlfriend's house (she still being in college) and the entire party was partially spent wandering around asking anyone if they had a bottle opener. I forgot that some college students only drink Natty Light and therefore don't even own a bottle opener. Some poor 18-year-old girl at the party drank one of my beers (yes, I was at a party with 18 year olds and I felt completely ancient) and several people offered to kick her ass. While annoying, I couldn't let a girl be roughed up over one bottle of Pacifico.  

Sunday morning I nursed a wicked hangover for quite a while, and then went for a drive with Yumi out to The Dutch Restaurant. And really there was nothing Dutch about it, more like a version of Cracker Barrel down to the odd, hokey gift shop attached to it. I still enjoyed my chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.

There was this weird little pen with pygmy goats next to the restaurant and of course neither of us could pass up the chance to feed and pet them. Yumi declared them denizens of hell because of their odd shaped eyes, they have weird little horizontal shaped irises and it creeped us the hell out.

See the awful eyes that clearly mark them as a follower of Satan?

And lastly we stopped by the Canoe Livery and picked up some information for a future canoe trip we would like to take.

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  • At September 24, 2007 10:17 PM, Blogger Amblus said…

    We really are the same person and I love your new shoes.

  • At September 25, 2007 1:05 PM, Blogger Lincoln said…

    Wow. I have said for years that goats have the scariest eyes of any creature on the planet. I went to the Utah State Fair a few weeks ago and walked past all the goats. I stopped to pet a few of them...all the while thinking, " are one demonic creature."

  • At September 25, 2007 10:28 PM, Blogger LE said…

    Chicken fried steak . . . mmmm. I'm jealous.

    Cute shoes. I actually like them better on you than the photo of them alone.


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