Sweet Little Corn Muffins

You know it is going to be a good weekend when you end up laughing so hard at Happy Hour Euchre that you can't breathe. I'm not even going to attempt to tell the story because it will not seem as funny in hindsight but really, anything involving quoting Phil Collins lyrics during a breakup has to be pretty awesome- right?

Unfortunately, I had my ass handed to me in both games of Euchre. Which is terrible, since usually I'm a pretty damn good player. I'm going to blame laughter and Leinkugals Sunset Wheat, oh, and Phil Collins. Because really, that man needs to take responsibility for the atrocities of Sussudio and No Son Of Mine.

After the ass handing I invited everyone back to my place for a make your own grilled pizza, which was to pacify some friends who hadn't gotten a chance to have the grilled pizza at cooking club (because we're exclusive like that). I had a variety of toppings and because I know how much you all care I shall list them all here: green peppers, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, bacon, pineapple, feta, goat cheese, pepperoni and olive oil. Then in a stroke of genius I rooted around in my cupboards and came up with a cinnamon and sugar pizza and then one with raspberry preserves and fresh sliced peaches. All in all it was pretty damn amazing and we, as a group of 8, managed to kill 10 pizzas (in our defense- they were small pizzas).

Saturday was a blur of allergies, but Sunday was pretty 'effing awesome. I picked Kate up around noon and we took back roads to Logan's (and southern Ohio's) only BBQ joint. The drive was pretty amazing, it makes me happy that I live in such an awesomely hilly place with the Midget. Right now that stretch of road is my favorite and Sunday's ride was the best of the season. The BBQ on the other hand was sub-par. Sure the sweet lil' corn-muffins were good, and the sweet potato fries were excellent but the pulled pork. Oh, the pulled pork was under-seasoned and not the least bit smoky. Plus the sauces offered weren't very good either. I'm one seriously picky bitch when it comes to pulled pork, it's almost damn near a religion to me. And frankly my pulled pork was better than the stuff that they offered, which is pretty pathetic considering they actually have a smoker and I do not.

But even that wasn't able to dampen the perfection of the weather and miles and miles of good road. Which we took straight to Summer's pool, and there is nothing better than a dip in the pool after a long, hot drive (well except for a cold shower and shower-beer). To wrap things up into a little pretty bow I went and saw Superbad, which was hilarious. Between the smiling non-stop in the afternoon and the laughter because of the movie my face physically hurt.

Monday, oh, Monday. The last glorious day of my mini-vacation was spent in Summer's pool drinking beer. But things took a disastrous turn when I got home at 6:30 though, somehow the sun and beer all caught up to me in 20 minutes and I almost passed out in my nachos. Really, I pushed them out of the way and had to put my head down on the table because the room was spinning. Eventually things righted themselves to the point that I didn't feel like the floor was tilting out from under me and made it to the couch and promptly passed out. My kitchen yesterday morning looks like a bomb went off in it, I almost started crying because I hate a messy kitchen.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Now I will harass you all with photos.

Manning the grill during the grilled pizza extravaganza:

Kate and I mid-drive (with her adorable pigtails). I didn't realize I'd left so little to the imagination with that dress- next time I might as well go topless.

Look at the miles and miles of curvy, dippy road:

The corn muffins:

Look how small the Midget looks:

Kate and I with Lake Logan in the back (note the awesome hair):

And because I could never resist a dare or apparently, a perfect hill to roll down (yes, I flashed people and I made Kate delete the photos):

And lastly there was the pool:

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