Seriously boring

After reading Sarah's awesome recap of her weekend I'm more than a little disappointed in mine. I spent it being the hired guns for several of my friends.

And if 'hired gun' had actually meant taking people out then it wouldn't have been so lame, instead I was Bob-Villa-Skeezix. Friday night I helped my friend pick up rocks in her yard. Big, huge rocks.

Awesomely they having a pool put in and the excavating had unearthed rocks and scattered them about her yard. I am hoping that my helping will earn me several invitations to the pool.

Then on Saturday I rocked Kate's house where I spent 9.5hrs painting. At one point Kate said that she was glad I was there because I was like having two more people since I'm the best painter ever.

Sunday there was more painting.

Boring. At least they all plied me with beer.

God, I need to go out. I'm still single and I need a date.




  • At August 08, 2007 2:00 AM, Blogger Lincoln said…

    I don't know your friend but I saw screw the invitation to the pool...invite yourself whenever you want to. You earned it.


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