August Cooking Club

So here I am, procrastinating.

August was the month of salmon, ok, not really. But in regards to cooking club it was.

The mission: everyone bring a piece of salmon to be prepared their favorite/new way.

Valerie made smoked salmon, or rather her husband did. Which we all enjoyed on crackers with dijon mustard. It was delicious:

Yumi went for the wow! factor and made a salt encrusted salmon. She layered spinach under it since she was only using a filet and most salt encrusted dishes call for whole fish.

She topped the salt encrusted salmon with orange-infused roasted tomatoes, the tomatoes were quite fabulous.

Summer and I opted for the grilled fish. Hers was orange-burbon glazed:

Mine was a ginger/soy/vermouth marinated version- grilled to deliciousness:

Nancy roasted hers in the oven with orange and lemon, and then dressed it with a citrus pesto. The citrus pesto was most certainly a hit. It was bright and perfect, even delicious on bread:

She also made a roasted tomato dressing to go on top of spinach, walnut and goat cheese. This was also wonderful:

And because the weather was perfect, not hot or humid we dined outside:

The evening was capped off with freshly roasted coffee and Valerie's homemade peach pie. Which was perfectly spiced and not overly sweet. Then I floated home on a cloud of perfection and had an amazing night's sleep.

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