I'm still on the sorority listserve, I just haven't quit it mostly because I love to hear the little tidbits of stuff about the house sliding downhill (not literally, but it could happen knowing the shitty manner in which it was built and the fact that there is a retaining wall ready to give way that no one will do anything about).

So far this year the two cleaning ladies quit, leaving them without anyone to clean the house for over a month. 36 girls are who are pretty much dirty ass bitches a good portion of the time, not at frat-house levels mind you, but still a whole month with no one to clean the toilets or the kitchen? I'm sure it was frightening.

The internet has also been broken for a while and the house mom knows squat about computers and no one has bothered to call the service in order to have them come out and fix it.

The parking is apparently a mess, people being constantly blocked in- no guest spots. All the usual hullabaloo. Except again, the house mom isn't doing anything about it.

I stopped by last week and when I asked the cook how things were going with the new house mom she rolled her eyes at me and said "She lets them get away with everything."

Oh man, that has to be bad. BAD. I had a feeling those girls would run roughshod over an 85 year old woman. I can only imagine what is going on upstairs late at night. I didn't rule with iron fist or anything but I did make sure there weren't drug fueled orgies going on upstairs (however, I did have drug fueled orgies in my room- but the girls didn't need to know that).

I guess I feel just the tiniest bit gratified that maybe someone realizes how much I actually did in order to keep that house running in an efficient manner. I doubt any of them do, but a girl can dream.

Up next: Embarrassing things I've said and done in the last two weeks.



  • At October 11, 2007 2:47 AM, Blogger Lincoln said…

    there's something gratifying about checking in on a place that you used to single-handedly kept afloat. I look forward to that in a few short months.

  • At October 11, 2007 2:18 PM, Blogger Mary said…

    I couldn't have said it better than lincoln did- just reaffirms what you already knew: that they really couldn't go on without you :)
    Mostly, I'm excited about the upcoming 'stupid things you've said this week' segment :)

  • At October 12, 2007 11:26 PM, Blogger Alan the Great said…

    Did the embarrassing events include getting caught in a drug fueled orgy?


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