Friday night my brother proposed to his girlfriend and will finally be giving my parents the wedding of their dreams. They have 4 grown children ranging in ages from 37 to 26 and up until this point they've been denied a big, fancy wedding. The only one of us that is married is my sister Melissa, and she eloped. But really in the end that is fine since my brother appears to be more girl than his actual sisters.

He is having 8 groomsmen. Eight.

Actually the whole thing is very sweet and I'm really happy for both of them. He was absolutely adorable in the way he proposed and all I have to say is that he clearly benefited from being the baby brother of 3 older sisters. All those hours we dressed him, did his hair, put make up on him and painted his nails only seem to have made him a very smushy romantic guy on the inside with an Army Lieutenant coating. It is perfect really, since I've never wanted a big splashy wedding and I was truely afraid I would be roped into having one since I'm the last girl and all.

In other family-related news, Melissa has become a Friday Night Lights addict. And like any good older sisters she's involved me in my her addiction. I spent all of Sunday camped out on the couch watching the first two discs of FNL, in my defense it was raining and shitty out. I also got a ton of laundry and knitting done. I don't care if that is justification of my burgeoning addiction, I can stop any time I like. I just don't want to.

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  • At November 13, 2007 3:46 AM, Blogger Lincoln said…

    This is completely random and stupid...but I used to get so annoyed with Friday Night Lights...because it was on Tuesdays. I think they've finally moved it to Fridays so now we can all sleep better.


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