Not that I'm experienced with goat testicles. I love squash.

I've started a blog entry about my birthday 4 times now and have since abandoned all of them as being boring and lame. The one I really liked was eaten by the google servers so I've had to try to remember what I liked about it. Oh my god, like you all really want to reading this inane drivel about my attempts at posting because I'm sure you don't since I myself and even bored by it.

The reality is I had a very nice birthday, and the blog title was actually something that was utter by a friend of mine at my birthday dinner. It was all one thought, and so splendiferious that we all sat and laughed for a very long time at her. And is it really surprising that something as weird as goat testicles was discussed at my birthday dinner? Although now I'm sure that every freak on the internet who is looking "goat testicle birthday party" is going to be directed to my site.

Listen, if you are looking for freaky action of that nature you should just point your browser in a different direction, ok. I seriously need to get back to the topic at hand though...

I do feel a tiny bit bad for the relatively sedate party of 15 that was in the room adjoining ours at the restaurant. They had to listen to us braying loudly at nearly everything. Lots of bottles of wine and six usually rowdy ladies is certainly not a recipe for a calm evening. But I think the highlight of the evening for those trying to have a quiet dinner was when they heard me sing Good Ship Lollipop and Baby Got Back after I'd inhaled a lot of helium.

So really I spent my 28th birthday acting like an 8 year old at sleep over. But does the odd, chipmunk-like voice induced by helium ever really stop being funny?

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