Too much

I promise I've not fallen into some sort of black hole, unless that black hole is filled with entirely too many books to read (I currently have 8 books scattered about my house begging to be read) and then I've been ordered to start watching Lost too. I've got season one sitting on top of my TV which I started watching last night.

Oh and almost totally ruined dinner because I became so wrapped up in the first episode I forgot I had mac and cheese in the oven. Lets not even discuss the first 3 discs of My So Called Life that I've also got from Netflix that also need to be watched so that I can get season 2 of Lost (look at me planning for the future!)

The truth is I've got entirely too many leisurely things to do to work (or blog apparently). Somehow quitting my job to keep up with my reading and television watching habits doesn't seem to be the most adult thing to do. Yet so deliciously wonderful sounding that it a tempting idea.

But not really.

Since I don't feel like being homeless

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