My brain is entirely too fried to come up with anything creative or mildly coherent to talk about since I've spent the last couple of days making guitar electronics hover in the air in perfect register with a previously taken photo. I'm rocking the project but all other brain functions have had to be taken down to their lowest levels in order for my head to not actually explode. Besides basic body functions and the large section of my brain labeled "photography" nothing else is working. Sorry.

I've been tagged by KB , which thankfully is a godsend since this exercise requires very little actual thought on my part.

7 Random/Odd things you might not know about me:

1. I spent part of my youth in Texas, when we moved back to Ohio I had an awful, awful accent. I used to cry every day after we moved away saying how much I hated Ohio and wanted to be back in Texas.

2. I am a very fast reader and can devour whole books in a single setting.

3. I wanted to be just like my sister, Melissa, when I was growing up. I pestered the hell out of her (she was 8 years older than I) and her friends. She's still my best friend in the whole world. Even if she did drop me on my head when I was a baby.

4. I was partly responsible for cutting off my brother's thumb when we were younger. He was playing with my mother's very sharp sewing scissors and I tried to take them away from him thus partially severing his finger. Good news is they were able to stitch him up fine and the thumb is in good working order.

5. I'm obsessed with my new heart rate monitor. I love wearing it to see how many calories I've burned (those machines at the gym are WAAAAYY off on their numbers). I'm considering wearing it all day soon just to see what my normal calorie/heart rates are throughout the day.

6. I love to dance but do it horribly. I don't care.

7. I've actually seen Vanilla Ice in concert, in 2003. It was the weirdest concert I've ever been too. It was during Ice's angry-rock-screamy phase.



  • At January 14, 2008 2:09 PM, Blogger Mary said…

    oh saw Vanilla Ice? And not even during the 'ice ice baby' phase? amazing...
    and now I'll have that song in my head all day...thanks :)


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