Johnny Appleseed-except without the whole tree planting thing

My mom came down to visit, and like any good daughter I put her to work. Uh, I helped out too.

I decided that my garden that I've been slowly cultivating for 3 years (which was in TERRIBLE shape before I got it) needed to be entirely ripped out and re-planted. Some decorative grasses had gotten too large for one section, random mums were popping up all over the place, randomly placed day lilies/lilies were scattered about.

So it all had to come out, and then go back in (in a much more orderly and pleasing fashion). I also picked up a bounty of perennials to help fill out the garden, mulch hasn't gone down yet because I'm waiting for a bit so it will fresh and super dark when I need it too.

The front garden:

The side garden:

As part of the garden re-vampage there was copius hedge trimming. I managed to stop the trimmers just in time before I almost shaved a nest of baby sparrows in half. Whew! It was a close one.



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