Can you feel the burn?

I can. And it is right behind my breastbone. And it hurts like a motherfucker.

I've been a wee bit stressed out by some recent crap and I think my body is reacting by causing me to have serious heartburn. Heartburn in the middle of the night, heartburn in the morning, heartburn in the afternoon.

I swear I'm not a hypochondriac but lately I've just been a bit run down. Having had out of town guests or being an out of town guest for a month straight is enough to put anyone into the hole when it comes to their health.

One of my big things has been that I am trying to get my credit report cleared up. My mother and I have the same name (shocking I know since we are ladies). But this has resulted in me have all of my parents poor credit choices fall onto my report on accident, because apparently credit reports cannot tell the difference between me born in 1979 and and my mom born in 1952. Right now I've got a big ol' bankruptcy appearing on my report that is dragging me down. It is such a bloody mess.

Did you know that a 6 year old can buy a house?

Because according to my credit report it is entirely possible. Oh, and what about having 6 credit cards by the time you are 10?

Entirely feasible.



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