I like to talk about food.

I've been trying to have this poker party for almost 2 months, again proving the theory that the hotter it is the harder it is to try to gather people together because everyone already has plans.

The way we do our poker parties is the host makes dinner/munchies and everyone brings their own beverages. So for this one I made pulled pork, cole slaw, hash brown casserole, and carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

First off, the carrot cake cupcakes which I've made tons of times in the past decided to vex me greatly this time around. First off I made a new recipe and took a much lamented short cut-purchasing the carrot already shredded.

Don't do it people.

First off, I think the grate really needs to be much finer. Secondly I thought the quality of the carrot sucked it. Not sweet at all, much more bitter and dry than freshly shredded.

After that first batch (which I chucked) I had to re-make them the day of the poker party. But for some goddamn reason the bottom of these cupcakes burned. I don't know why. The oven rack was in the same place as the last batch, the oven thermometer said exact 350 degrees, and they were in there for 20 minutes (I used a timer). Fuck it man. I think the carrot cake gods just wanted to fuck me on this night.

But even with all of the carrot cake crappiness, everything else turned out perfectly. The pulled pork received rave reviews and several recipe requests, as did the cole slaw.

Here is the pork pre-pulling:

Delicious cole slaw:

Hash brown casserole-trashy but good:

This afternoon I had a late lunch of fruit and cheeses. I highly recommend it, fresh farm fruit and cheeses. Is there anything better?

This now concludes a post entirely based on food. (Notice I finally got my camera back and it works-HURRAH!)



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