Damnit, time got away from me again and instead of writing I've been reading. I can't seem to put down the books. I've been trying to make an effort to write, in part because I love to do it. It's just that I've been lacking discipline lately and feel that my life is a touch boring. But I soldier on.

Last week while donating blood two things happened: one blood taker guy was not so stealthily looking down my top while adjusting the the bags that were to be filled with my blood. I understand it happens, for example: the other day at the gym and having a serious case of headlights. There was absolutely nothing I could do about it and it was so blatant that even I was staring and they are my own damn breasts. It's just that I would prefer looking didn't happen while I'm giving blood in church basement.

Which really in the scheme of things isn't so bad considering what happened next. The second asked me about the book I was reading (which had the word kiss in the title), then proceeds to look me directly in the eye and being dead serious said "Can I kiss you?"

UH, you have a giant needle in my arm? It puts the lotion in the basket? I ended up just laughing nervously until he says "You probably have some big husband who is going to kick my butt for asking that."

More nervous laughter from my side. I normally would like to think I'd have a sharp witty response but I'm blaming the fact that I just finished giving blood on my lack of mental quickness. I seriously hope I don't see that guy next time I go to donate.



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