New Years, same old feelings.

It's the new year and we all know how I feel about this particular holiday (hate it) and how sad and crap I get around it. Yes people, sad and crap is actual way to feel. Embrace it.

I'm not one for making resolutions because mostly I hate them. I think that they in general fail and that my time can be better spent sitting on the couch watching another endless set of NCIS or House reruns. Isn't Mark Harmon dreamy? He can build a boat in my basement anytime, and since I live in actual basement I guess that means he'd be building in my living room. Which might make me testy if said boat got in the way of the tv. Then again, Mark Harmon in my basement means I'd probably prefer to watch him instead of my tv.

And now that I've shared with you more than you'd ever like to know about my feelings for Mark Harmon I'll get back to blathering on about resolutions. Oddly though, I'm making one resolution this year. Deal with my goddamn mail problem. It piles up on the TV and the armoire and the pretty blue side table.

I HATE the mail, every day I get scads of it- none of interesting and the majority of it are bills. Ugly, hateful bills. 90% of which I pay online. This year I'm going to have them all stop sending me crap. I don't need those endless cable bills (kudos to me for having already signed up for paperless this morning). Recently I also lost my check register, I have no idea where it went off too but it's gone. Which is most annoying since I do try to keep my bills checking account balanced. In an effort to never lose it again I've downloaded a spread sheet that will calculate all that crap for me. I'm willing to take a short cut on the math portion since it never really was my strong suit. Having Excel do it for me is lovely.

On Friday I'm heading out to buy a paper shredder. Then all those pile of mail will be dust, or tiny bits of shredded paper. I will instantly feel lighter and freer. I won't be consumed with shame when I have people over that they are secretly judging me for piles of mail that I stead-fastly up till now have refused to deal with.

Oh holiday recap: There was a lot of ice on the way to Kentucky. I nearly got run over by a double-trailer Diet Coke Semi who was sliding on black ice. This resulted in me driving down the center median, off road style to avoid being crushed. Did you know that Honda Civics are totally built for off-roading? Because they totally are.

There was an epic 5 hour opening of presents at my sisters during which I was hellishly jealous of my nephew's new huge plasma tv. I want one. The rest of the time was spent eating copious amounts of food. In years past I've managed to avoid to stuffing myself to the point of sickness but this year was a failure. Because my mom, sister and I were the only ones cooking it was everything I liked. And thus I put everything in my mouth. Ugh. Then I caught some sort of bug once I got home and didn't eat for 2 days. I'm hoping it sort of helped move the scale back in the right direction. But I think I'll still be paying for it for a little while.

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