First off, holy shit! Obama is going to be President. Simply spectacular news in my opinion. I'm wickedly happy and in awe.

Although when I went to vote there was a problem with my address and those poll workers acted like I was trying to pull something over on them like perhaps I'd murdered the REAL Skeezix and was wearing a mask pretending to be her. Yes, you figured out my diabolical plan...Mwahhahaha.

So clearly I have a posting problem. I come home at night and blankly stare at my computer screen trying to think what I say. Frankly, nothing interesting comes to mind and I end up knitting instead.

Knitting has taken over my life. I'm obsessed. Everyone is getting homemade presents this year and they are going to like it. Damnit. I must have some justification for my obsession, no?

So I'll leave you with a photo from my zip lining adventure, which was awesome. Go do it.

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  • At November 12, 2008 12:58 PM, Anonymous Jemima said…

    This needed to be videotaped. I freaking LOVE zipwires and was always trying to convince my parents that getting ready and downstairs for school in the morning would have been significantly quicker if I'd had a zipline from the third floor. Considering they were always dragging me off the roof and out of trees and every wall in the neighborhood, I think they'd had enough of my shenanigans.

    And yes, the second October rolls around, it's officially Knitting Weather. It's all I can do to stop knitting to actually, you know, WORK!


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