Mondays can go to hell.

Today was one of those days that started off in a total shit manner- not that it would get better as things went along but I did manage to ruin one the few nice work tops I own by splashing bleach on it. Awesome, pink shirt with semi white spots- just on the right side of the waist though. Eff.

Yet I didn't lose my shit, I just changed my shirt and walked out the door. This is a improvement, because at various points last week had that happened I probably would have lit the damn shirt on fire while standing in only bra in the yard thus giving all the construction workers an eye full of my very pale half naked self. Then I would have grabbed a bottle of whiskey and called off work since clearly no one wants a motherfucking crazy employee.

And holy shit people, I did laundry this weekend and put it away! This is progress.

I also ran nearly 2 miles today, little legs pumping away. Not bad considering it's been a week and half since I'd done any sort of running. It felt good and I've stopped trying to hide the fact that I occasionally play the air drums while running. I'm sure I look like a total douchebag but I've found I don't care anymore. It feels good, man, to play the air drums.

Of note: I'm tired of people looking down their noses about people who spend time on the internet. It does not make you special or better than me, just makes you sound like a wanker.



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