The winter has arrived with full and epic force. Temperatures outside have been fluctuating between single digit numbers and low teens. In turn I've got the heat on and my skin has turned into the the most delicate parchment ever created. It's painfully thin feeling and tight like a drum causing itching and general uncomfortableness. Today at work I had to change into my workout pants because the feel of jeans again my legs was torture.

Last year I pitched my humidifier because it was old and more than a wee bit crusty. I've yet to go out and purchase another one partially because I'm lazy and partially because they aren't cheap and random bills keep hitting me.

Like the asshats who run the town next to mine, where I got a $5 parking ticket for an expired meter in mid-October which I totally completely forgot to pay. Now I've recieved a letter from them extorting $70 or they will issue an arrest warrant. FOR FUCKING REAL. I plan on paying them their damn money with a letter to them and their chamber of commerce stating why I will never, ever fucking shop in their town again. Way to shoot yourself in the fucking foot assholes.

God. I seriously hate them right now.

Is anyone else procrastinating packing for the christmas holiday? Because I'm sitting here avoiding it and I leave tomorrow. I don't want to do it at all.

Oh, and Christmas cards this year. HA. So going to be late again. I couldn't pull my shit together enough to get them done on time, this holiday season has been far too short (as I evil-y eye the unfinished scarf that is supposed to be my mother's present). And they will in no way be as good as the idea I had for last year's, but any one here wants one you should email me. I promise I won't use your address to stalk you, although how could you really trust a girl who fails to pay a $5 parking ticket?



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