And the morning was total crap.

Scene: You sick on the couch when you realize you'd promised to pick up a coworker at the car repair shop. Hop crazily around apartment like someone is continually sticking you with a cattle prod. Can't find a damn bra at all. Seriously, where the fuck are all my bras?!

Oh, an ice storm has frozen your driver's side door is totally frozen shut and won't unlock. Use passenger side door to crawl in and start car. Fuck with the driver's side from the inside, still won't open. Frantically try to scrape ice off of car, you are seriously spazzing out. Flailing about wildly that becomes even more pronounced when you realized you've locked your keys in the running car. SOB. House is locked too.

Walk over to the concrete company and beg them to use the phone while cursing yourself for not hiding those spare keys you had made last week. Call coworker and tell her you won't be able to pick her up. Call locksmith.

At that point you just decide to fuck it all and stay home.

Make yourself hot toddies. Whiskey and tea make things better.

The end.



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