Leap day.

Finally Wednesday night I had an awesome workout. Truth be told I've been struggling with working out, which is odd. It felt impossible to drag myself to the gym for just another ho'hum workout, I never left feeling energized or pumped. Rather just sweaty and disappointed.

It was seriously starting to piss me off.

The other night everything clicked into place. The spinning class was one of my best, discounting the wickedly bad charlie horses I kept getting in my left calf. I was really pissed that I had to ease up for the last two hard sets we did because it felt like my muscle was trying to pull right off my leg. It is still sore today, fucking pisser.

Because the charlie horse gimpy calf is still hurting I'm skipping the gym tonight, I don't want to make it worse. Plus I'm hoping that it'll stop being a little bitch so I can go to spinning tomorrow morning or tomorrow night (if I can't drag my ass out of bed in the morning).

Part of the reason I can't seem to get out bed is that I've been having really vivid dreams, everything feels so real. The other night I had a dream that the guy I'm interested in (hey! it's complicated-but I'll leave it at "I'm interested") told me he loved me (uh, so not even anchored in reality) then last night I had a dream he told me he didn't want to see me anymore because he was never, ever going to commit. Of course this last dream has induced me to become Mademoiselle Crankypants today. Yes, it wasn't real, but yet it completely bummed me out.

Adding to the crankiness is the massive subterranean cystic-like blemish that is forming on my chin. Something so large and heinous it will effectively move me into Quasimodo territory and I'll to become a shut-in until it subsides. Let me digress for the moment, I hate all words for blemish- except for, well, blemish. Zit and pimple cause me to physically shudder and thus I cannot bare to even think about them otherwise I'll be mistaken for someone with a seizure disorder.

The last thing I'll bitch about is the weather. February seems like the longest month in the history of man, it's been gray and depressing with only occasional snowfalls to brighten the dismal, soul crushing bleak landscape that is southeastern Ohio in the winter. Right now I might sell a non-vital organ for a warm, sunny local and a drink with a tiny paper parasol in it.




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