STFU. Seriously.

Yesterday I was sitting in my doctor's new, very tranquil, very posh waiting room. I was enjoying the quiet and the soft sounds of the new water feature they had installed. It was great, I felt like I was at a spa. A spa for your business. Your lady business.

Then in through the double doors crashed this woman. Heavily sighing and throwing around her bright teal studded purse. Of course she was late, like 30 minutes late. And it wasn't her fault, the doctor's office moved like 4 months ago and she didn't know. But yet she was a new patient- I'm sure they would have given her the new address on the phone but whatever.

They were going to try to fit her in, and were very nice about it.

She immediately starts up with the sighing, so very loudly and again tossing around that damn purse. I wanted to beat her over the head with that enormous bag by the time they called my name to go on back.

She immediately got on her cell phone and LOUDLY, SO VERY LOUDLY started complaining to her friend who referred her to my lovely doctor. But because that isn't enough she called her mother to complain. Over and over I had to listen to her whine about the traffic, the doctor's office moving, her condition (seriously, this last one was so far into shut the fuck up territory).

The lovely tranquil feeling that my doctor had gone so overboard to provide his patients was gone, instead I felt like I was in my local Wal-Mart. And we all know how I feel about Wal-Mart.



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