The essential.

Last night at the gym it was all I could not to start singing the lyrics to Eye of the Tiger and start doing punching moves while on the eliptical when it started playing on my ipod.

I'm sure it was hilarious enough that I was smiling like a fool and occassionally mouthing the lyrics. I think the guy on the treadmill across from me was laughing at me, then again I think that I mystified him when before I started working out I shoved the cord to my headphones down my shirt and out my sleeve into my ipod.

And I must tell you that Eye of the Tiger is not the only deliciously cheesy song I purchased this week (clearly, if you've read the post about En Vogue), but wait! I also bought Footloose by Kenny Loggins.

Did you know that there is an album called 'The Essential Kenny Loggins." As if I would want anything to do with the unessential Kenny Logins, I only want the essential please.

In slightly less embarrassing musical purchases, Paolo Nutini's These Streets is awesome. I find myself bouncing about on my ball (it's my desk chair- perv) and wanting to flail wildly about.

Damn, I must have some sort of musical tourettes with the way music makes me act.



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