Hold on to your hats...

Two posts in one day, and this one is a doozy.

I'm going to rant about health insurance for a moment, cocksucker motherfucking goddamn no good shithead crap bullshit.

So our insurance rates are going up, again. No surprise really, and yet here we are with no one real answer to this problem. Congress is too busy being embroiled in calling each other names to really tackle the problem head on. Or even discuss it really.

Why? Because health insurance companies and other medical groups (hospitals/drug companies/etc) are massive campaigne contributers.

That may sound all conspiracy theory to you, but really it is part of the problem. And really, the Republican answer is to limit medical liability cases. Sure some of those numbers sound deliriously inflated in some cases but when you think about it any money they get from their settlement must last them a lifetime of care. And really how long is that money going to hold out when costs are rising 20% every year?

Not very fucking long.

Not that I've seen a whole lot of genius ideas from the Dems either (except my man- John Edwards at least he is really talking about it).

Ok, so what brought me around to this train of thought- I got a call from the company that handles the health insurance shit for the company I work for. Because I refused to fill out again for the 3rd time in the 4 years I've worked here all of my medical information so they can get ANOTHER quote to see if someone can offer us a lower price.

And I mean ALL of my medical information was asked for. My social security number, my date of birth, my height, my weight, all the medications I take, any surgeries I've had, any medical conditions I've currently being treated for and on and on.

GODDAMNIT, I don't want all of that information about me floating out there for whomever to see. It is private. My personal information that no one except my doctor and I should really be concerned about.

I felt bad for arguing with the woman since it really is just her job but I have a valid concern- this information is being stored somewhere and people are fucking looking at it.

YOU are looking at it for fucks sake, clearly because you called me about. Don't tell me that no one else is going to see it, ok, because we both know that is a total crock of shit.

I've already had all of my personal information stolen last year from the fucking university I graduated from 5 years ago. Oh, and then my credit card number was stolen from the "secure" servers at TJ Maxxx.

Lets not pretend that isn't going to continue to happen.

That 5 years from now someone isn't going to be able to access all the deeply personal information I've had to hand out time and time again just so that I can go to the bloody doctor a couple times a year.

For the time being I'll have to conceed because I need the healthcare, I'm not happy about it. I told her to mail the forms back to me because I AM NOT discussing this on the phone with you while 3 of my coworkers can't help but listen in. I AM NOT.



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