Whiny and weekend plans

I feel like a big fucking baby because I'm all whiny and pouty.

I've thrown up twice this week, for no apparent reason. And because of said retching I've seemed to pulled a muscle in my neck. So now it hurts to move my head in any direction.

Oh, and I may be getting a UTI.

See, I'm a medical fucking disaster. I should be taken over by FEMA but they would only serve to screw me up more since we all know they still have their heads in the asses.

I'm totally and completely wiped out by all of it. I'm exhausted and yet I'm supposed to drive home to Cleveland tomorrow and do all sorts of busy stuff with family this weekend.

The main reason I'm not canceling is because this weekend is the Maple Festival.

A festival of maple!

I know that may sound odd to outsiders but really it is fantastic. There are these things called maple stirs, which is hot maple syrup that you stir with a tongue depressor until it becomes a creamy candy. In the past I've subsisted entirely on these for the duration of the festival.

But lets not forget the maple cotton candy. Really cotton candy doesn't need improvement but the maple version of it is pure spun sugar heaven.

Plus there will be all sorts of other delicious "fair food" goodies- elephant ears, gyros, sausage sandwiches, caramel apples, etc.

I do believe I might be feeling a wee bit better just thinking about all of it. The power of Maple, don't underestimate it.

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