Le Freak...

As someone who is generally a freak about money I'm totally getting whacked out about this move.

First the expense of renting a truck to get my couch from my parent's house to mine is going to cost me $200. Eeek! Then there is the fact that I need to buy a bed, and since a good bed is paramount to my general mood (crappy ass night of sleep= a grumpy ass Suzanne) it is going to run me some big dollars. Sure I could buy a cheaper bed and save myself some money but this is one area where I just can't budge.  

Then all the little shit, like a garbage can, plate drainer thing, cleaning supplies, etc. Getting all the utilities turned on.

Plus I NEED to buy that fucking suit for my triathlon.

Oh my god, I'm going to start crying.

Why? Because I'm the child of two perpetually poor financial planners and the thought of not being able to bank some serious cash into my savings freaks me the fuck out. FREAKS ME OUT.

I'll admit I've probably spent more money that I should have this year. I should have been stashing it all away in savings but I didn't. And that is my fault and I'll take responsibility for it, I didn't listen to or take my own advice.

So until I move, no more clothes shopping (even though I really do need new pants), and I'm going to limit my nights on the town- which I think I can do fairly easily.

Lunch out only once a week, and that money comes from my entertainment budget.

Got it sister. Buckle down mode is in full effect.



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