Racecar grocery carts

Baby fever update: Still in full effect.

2 of 4 kids were sick this weekend. James with really bad allergies and horrific cough, Kayleigh with strep throat. Within the first hour of getting there I had my 1 year old niece asleep in my arms, a feat which my sister was amazed at since she rarely goes to bed that early.

Yet, I still had a great time despite the sick kids and wasn't fazed by it in the least. The baby fever was not dampened. Granted I wasn't their mother who was up with them all night, poor Melissa only got 4 hours of sleep Friday and Saturday night. While I blissfully got a full 8, so perhaps the good sleep had something to do with it.

Melissa also made me push one of those awful racecar grocery carts, she MADE me do it. I protested loudly but still she said " You better start practicing now."

Newsflash Mel, I'm not pregnant. Nor am I about to become pregnant, even if I was it would be years before I would even have a child ask to use one of those carts. And still I wouldn't use one as I nearly took out a kindly looking older gentleman in the ethnic food aisle.

I'm sorry sir, but those carts are a bitch to steer. Which is exactly what I said to him.

Sharon, one of the un-sick kids, and I went for a bike ride on Saturday and had a blast. She can really bike, and tackled the hills with excitement. Especially considering that she has no gears on her bike and those hills were not small. She rode a full 2.6 miles.  

Much like me she tends to make crazy faces in photos, so this is what happened when I tried to take a photo post-ride.



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