Still a wee bit puffy eyed

Jalepino juice in the eye is a very bad, bad, bad thing.

I've learned my lesson, from here on out I will approach those peppers as if they were bioharzardeous material. My 10+ years of "Don't fear the pepper." has come to an end.

Everyone better appreciate the goddamn hell out of my salsa tonight. I am so going to open a beer at 4pm when I get home, I don't care if the poker party doesn't start until 5:30.

In an effort to expand my work beyond what I shoot everyday I've been making an effort to shoot for pleasure/fun. I'm digging into the archives of my head and using techniques that I've not thought about in years. Why not try to light something with a flashlight, you've done it before- lets try it again.

As usual I'm obsessed with food. I bought some lovely pees from the farmer's market and just had to attempt to capture their little emerald babies all tucked into together. I don't think I'm done with the pees yet, I've been having entirely too much fun playing with them and using a large light source from behind.

Also I seem to be quite enamored of F5.6, so much of the daily grind I do must be 100% perfectly in focus it's nice to let things go soft and blurry at the edges- especially when I've got no one else to please but me.

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