Even my scalp got burned

The end of Sunday afternoon found me with a mild sunburn (despite the SPF 30 I applied) and standing in the cool, cool shower drinking beer.

Wait, what?

Yes, I just could not wait until I got out of the shower to have a beer. Some might call that a "problem" but I call it multitasking.

Yumi and I had gone for a ride in the Migdet, what was supposed to be a short ride somehow turned out to be a 2 hour adventure that ended up with us within a mile of West Virgina border. Which considering where we live isn't hard, but still takes some doing.

So I stopped in this small town at the local gas station/hardware store/deli counter/autoparts/grocery store to buy a map. The only map they had was extremely crusty and looked like it might have been printed shortly after the civil war.

Yumi bravely purchased a piece of beef jerky, and usually I would be all about the beef jerky, mmm dried meat. And I'm so not kidding about that. So beef jerky and dirty ass map in hand we headed back out.

Yumi spent the rest of the ride gnawing on the beef until she decided that she would wrap up her half gnawed piece of jerky and put it in her purse for her husband.

Can I just repeat that?

She wrapped it up and put it in her purse for her husband. For real.

Finally we made it home, and then it was pretty much post haste to get the grime of the drive off. Oh and work a brush through my tangled mane. For real, I will never again try to clip my hair into a twist at the back of my head and go for a drive in a convertible.

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