Jersey nerd.

So in this town people who bike wear jerseys (I'm sure people in other places wear them too but I can only speak to this little town). And because I'm a lemming I purchased my first jersey this weekend.

I'm still a major novice in the bike arena, and continually get passed by other riders. But at least now I'll look like everyone else while it's happening.

This weekend was a pain in the ass when it came to ride though. I tried to go for a ride on Friday but it was one thing after another and eventually I gave up. First I couldn't find my shorts, this is why I need another pair. Or several more pairs. I would also like some money with which to purchase these pairs. Please and Thank You.

Then after I located my pants I drove down to one of the paths and of course realized I had somehow misplaced a spring that goes on the front tire. Pisser. So I reloaded the bike back up (I don't have a fancy bike rack, I take the tire off and slide it into the trunk/backseat of my civic) and drove over to the bike shop to get a replacement spring. It took them awhile to locate the right size, but the lovely fellows over Athens Bicycle gave it to me for free. They rock in all the most awesome ways.

Then on Saturday I went out, but I couldn't seem to get my muscles to warm up and quit after a 12.5 mile ride. Which was so unbelievably frustrating since I'd planned on doing 25 miles, but it was partially my own fault for not dressing warmly enough and the day ended up being cool/chilly on the path I was biking.

Sunday I'd planned to go for a ride in the afternoon, dressed appropriately this time, but then my second job totally shut that down. I forgot I needed to be around to interview my replacement. And somehow that took ALL DAY. Seriously. By the time one the last of the interview committee left it was 7pm.

In other news though when the woman who was interviewing to replace me laughed in the President's face when she told her the salary they were offering. That was awesome. Although it pains me that this woman will walk in  and right away get a bunch more money than I did in the three years I've been there. That makes sound a bit petty and foolish but it stings.

Then again, I'm the one who is going to be free. FREE.



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