I worked out my shitty week by shopping.

Because I've got zero self control lately I bought 2 dresses, one pair of knee length shorts, and a bra. Plus I exchanged my expensive jeans for a different pair of expensive jeans.

First, lets talk about the shorts. Knee length shorts have been eschewed in my wardrobe since I was in 8th grade, I was already growing out the trend that had been sweeping my middle school (knee length shorts worn with tights, so wrong) when my grandparents and aunt bought me a pair of cranberry corduroy knee length shorts, a white and navy stripped  button up shirt (it hurt your eyes to look at it) and a navy vest with lots and lots of embroidery on it.

The outfit hit the perfect trifecta of ugliness. They on the other hand thought it was "sharp!", a term I still abhor when it comes out of someone's mouth in reference to clothes. Regardless of what they are actually referring to I see that goddamn outfit in my head. Usually if it is a elder family member that says they found a "sharp!" outfit for me I am pretty much guaranteed to hate it.

So it was with MUCH trepidation that I tried on these formal looking, knee length shorts. But they were cute, and made my legs look hot. So I'm going to give them a whirl, I might hate them in a couple of weeks but for now they might be the perfect thing to beat the ungodly heat we've been having. If anyone doesn't believe in global warming then they should stop on by and explain to me why for the last month we've been cruising along in 90 degree average heat. IN MAY.

As for the rest of my purchases, every lady should run out and buy the Victoria's Secret Secret Embrace Push Up Bra. It seriously hoists the ladies up but is so unbelievably comfortable I want to wear it everyday. Plus it is on sale right now, so hey! $10 off is not shabby.

Expensive jeans, everyone is doing it- you should too. I wear jeans nearly everyday to work. It is a fact. So why shouldn't I spend $100 on them? Enter Lucky Jeans. I've coveted a pair of Lucky Jeans since I was a freshman in high school. Because there is nothing cooler to a catholic schoolgirl than a pair of pants that when unzipped say "lucky you" on the fly.

Another youthful dream realized. Awesome. Plus, being only 5'4" (or technically 5'3.5") they make a 'short' jean that isn't too short or too long. Perfection. Plus the sales people really know their shit about their pants. It was entirely my fault for buying the wrong pair before, I fell in love with the fabric and not the fit. I made sure this go round to make sure the fit was fantastic.

Dress #1 I've been searching for about 8 months now. I wanted a patterned 3/4 length sleeve wrap dress that hit at the knee. The one I bought this weekend is a lovely Nine West black background with thin white circles, found at TJMaxx for $60. Which is half off it's original price. More than I wanted to shell out but this piece is a classic which will be in my closet forever.

And dress #2 was an impulse purchase. It is a forever21 t-shirt dress in kelly green. Anyone who has ever shopped at Forever21 knows that their stores are a perpetual mess and most of the clothing is hit or miss. Plus their lines for the dressing room are a nightmare, which is why I try stuff on in the middle of the store. I just pull whatever it is on over my tanktop.

Except I was concerned that this dress was making me look too wide in the hips. My friend pointed out that it was probably the jeans under the dress that was adding to my hippy bulk. So what do I do? I drop trow in the middle of the store.

Yes, I was standing in the middle of the store with my pants around my ankles.

Whatever. I don't care about the shocked glances I got from other shoppers, it isn't like I was parading around with the skirt hiked above my waist flashing my lady business around (ahem!, like Paris Hilton).

Wearing that pretty green dress to dinner at a friend's house made me feel shockingly hot, perhaps because is cut a bit shorter than other dresses I own- several inches above the knee. I hope to hell I'm not looking like some inappropriate cougar in it.

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  • At June 04, 2007 10:46 AM, Blogger urban princess said…

    Love love love the dress.

  • At June 04, 2007 12:57 PM, Blogger Lincoln said…

    FINALLY!!! Someone else who hates the term "sharp" when it comes to clothing. I hated dressing up and having my dad say "you look sharp." Ugh.

  • At June 04, 2007 5:40 PM, Blogger Mary said…

    oh my god- I just heard some old lady say the dreaded "sharp" the other day in reference to a car that I hate (and at the risk of offending anyone, I'll refrain from saying what kind of car)...anyway, the dress looks great- be happy :)


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