I should staple my mouth shut sometimes.

I cannot believe it, for the first time in my 27 years of living I will actually be living alone. That is right, if I feel like not washing my dish from dinner I can leave it in the sink without the fear that my roommate might be annoyed by it. Even though I doubt this will happen often- I can't stand dishes in the sink but just the shear possibility that I could do this makes me giddy.

I will live in quiet, without the sound of someone else's stereo bothering me. It is a freestanding apartment so I share walls with no one.

While handing over my deposit check I may have told the owner that I was looking forward to running to the bathroom without having to put on underwear. I have no idea what possessed me to say this to a total stranger, because you know she is now imagining me frolicking about the apartment sans any sort of bottom covering.

The odd thing is that I don't need to put on underwear to go to the bathroom now. I have a private bathroom, right in my apartment. Also I usually wear underpants. I don't often go about underpantless. But I guess I'll have to do it now since I told the landlady I would, I bet she is praying for my eternal soul since when she put me on hold earlier this morning I was listening to the Jesus station. I'm sure Jesus wants people to have their bottoms properly covered at all times.

Just another fantastic example of when things come flying out my mouth with absolutely no regard for who I am talking to or what I am actually saying.

I seriously need to stop that shit.



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