I may be in need of a little bit of rehab. Or maybe just a good 12 step program?

It's coffee. Oh, sweet beauteous coffee. I'm in love with the rush it gives me, it makes my heart beat a little faster. Which, for some reason, I really like.

In the last couple of months my coffee consumption has increased 10 fold. I should mention that previously I had one cup of coffee maybe every other month. The only time I can really remember drinking it is when I was visiting my sister and we would sit at her kitchen table drinking the crazy strong stuff her husband brews. It was more a social thing, I love sitting with my sister and talking over whatever with a cup of coffee in front of me.

In the past I've flirted with coffee consumption. When I was living in New York several times a week I would stop and get an iced coffee with a ridiculous amount of cream and sugar. I would sip that baby on the train to the office and read my deliciously crappy New York Post. Then there was the time post-graduation when I was working as a drone in a large corporate office and I tried drinking their coffee simply for the fact that it allowed me to get up and roam about the office and away from the mind numbing boredom of my desk/filing. But I realized that the coffee tasted like burnt crap, so I quit it.

Unfortunately I've discovered the local fair-trade coffee house makes an incredible non-fat latte with an extra shot. The reason I mention the fair-trade business is that if I'm going to develop an addiction the least I can do is make sure the worker's in the field are paid a fair wage. Addiction with a conscience- if you will.

I'm up to about 2 lattes a week, and maybe two plain cups of coffee at the office. I understand this isn't mainlining the stuff like a majority of seriously addicted caffeine people, but it is a raise in my overall consumption and for some reason I've always prided myself on the lack of caffeine in my diet. My Dad is a bit of health nut, ok, bit might be understating it. The man still runs several times a week, drinks only green tea, takes more vitamins that I think than The Vitamin Shoppe even stocks, eats a healthy diet and is in amazing condition. He is also in his mid-60's and takes NO MEDICATION.

None. The man is pretty much modern marvel of good, healthy living. It is especially fantastic because the year he turned 50 he had officially outlived all the other men in his family. My father is the patriarch for his side of the family.

So the question before me, do I quit the caffeine or continue with my 2 cup a week habit?



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