WTF Browns?

This last Sunday my Dad took me to my first ever professional football game. I have been a long time Browns fan since I am a native Clevelander, and I was most excited to go.

But seriously, it was like the team was fucking not even phoning their performance in. They never even made it close to the endzone, it was honestly one the most pathetic games I've ever watched. I honestly saw more blocking from the dude in our section who was trying to break up a fight.

And I don't feel the need to mention that the offense might as well have let the little kids in the stadium try to complete the passes because I bet they would have done a better job.

After last week's game against the Steelers I really had hope that things were coming together, last week there was fire, there was passion, there was completing passes and end zone dancing. Not to mention far fewer penalties than this week. I felt like I was at the UN for all the flags I saw on Sunday.

Regardless of their shit performance I had a really good time with my Dad. We scored some excellent tickets off the street from a very nice couple, and mightly enjoyed our $40 4th row seats. Thank you.

Browns, suck it up and pull it together for love of god. You are breaking my heart.

And I really don't need anyone else to be breaking my heart. I'm still holding myself together with staples and scotch tape, maybe soon I can move onto something more permanent like duck tape or gorilla glue.



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