She-Ra Princess of Power

Thats right, call me She-Ra. I spent a good portion of Sunday and Monday hauling 40 pound bags of mulch up my driveway to put down in the garden. 67 bags to be exact.


That means I hauled 2680 pounds!


And when I say hauled I mean picked up and carried. My wheelbarrow was broken and I could not fit it in my Honda Civic (I tried). So I had to pick up and carry each and every one of those goddamn bags. But the garden looks fantastic, I just need to go get a shop broom to sweep the driveway and tidy up the edges. And hose off the brick sidewalk.

Granted today I am barely holding in the tears because my legs and arms hurt so bad. I'm holding on the phone right now to schedule a massage appointment. I think I've earned it.



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