Old journals and fried chicken.

Good fried chicken is an art. Clearly I'm still a novice- most of my chicken ended up with a darker than desired shell- but 2 pieces did turn out beautifully. In fact even the stuff that got a bit overdone was delicious and moist once you removed the outer coating. I think the deliciousness of the chicken had to do with two factors:
1. Start with good chicken. Cheap crappy chicken will lead to a poor tasting final product.
2. Brine your chicken for 24 hours in a salt and water solution. I know a lot of people do this for thanksgiving turkeys but it is just as genius for chicken.

I also made cornbread and corn with chili lime butter. A very fantastic meal in my opinion. Plus the cold chicken was excellent to come home to after being at the bar for a bit.

I booked my tickets last night for my trip to New York and now I'm in search of a hotel room. Of course in my dreams I'd love to stay in posh 3 star-4 star hotel but I don't feel like dropping $400 on a room per night. I'm trying the priceline thing but I'm not having much success. I'm going to give it another go tonight and see if I can get better results. I just might have to suck it up and drop more cash than I wanted on a hotel room. Damnit.

I'm trying to figure out how much the taxi ride will cost between LaGuardia and Manhattan and if it will be cheaper to hire a car service. The one I've found online is $28 from LaGuardia to Manhattan and then $31 from Manhattan to LaGuardia. A couple of years ago I remember there was a set fee for airport rides but I'm not sure how that has changed.

All of this New York excitment made me pull out my my old journal from my time in New York. I have to say that after reading it I'm completely amazed at how many details I've forgotten over the years. I remember the italian guy I worked with who was in love with me, asked me to be his green card wife and how misogynistic he was. One afternoon after I'd had just enough of his comments and wildly inappropriate touching I told him I was seeing someone back in Athens. I wasn't. I lied. I'm a big liar. I gave him a specific name of a friend of mine and told him to bugger off.

Now I'm blushing because I'm all embarrassed that I pulled the ''I'm seeing someone card". For some reason it makes me feel wildly stupid, probably because I never told my friend for a moment he was my mock boyfriend/get out of jail free card. It was because I had a wee crush on him.

Reading those passages I wrote made me cringe at my words/feelings/thoughts. Hell, I cringe when I think about things I thought about yesterday. Maybe I'm just someone who is perpetually embarrassed?



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